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Low Carb Retreats & Cookery School

Really excited to be launching some fabulous low carb, healthy retreats and cookery school with Lord Mountbatten.

LiveWell@Bridwell offers cookery and wellness day courses, corporate days, weekend and 5 day retreats, all focusing on health and wellbeing, at Bridwell Park, in Devon.

'I am excited to be holding the first of what I hope will be many wellness days, weekends and 5 day retreats, here at my home Bridwell Park. I truly took notice in healthy eating back in 2010 when I was diagnosed as being a borderline coeliac and by massively reducing gluten in my diet I noticed a big difference in my health and wellbeing.

Having been to university in the United States back in the 80s I was well versed with the "fit for life" ethos, but in the intervening years of bringing up children and long hours in the office this ethos had start to slip; more sweeties and less running is a slippery slope!

Having met Sarah Flower a few months ago when she came into my home to give me a few pointers in my diet, I was staggered to learn just how much sugar the average person consumes during the course of the week, generally in total ignorance; sugar is added to virtually all processed food. And so the Livewell@ Bridwell courses were born. I am very fortunate to own such a property like Bridwell and therefore to be in a position to host these wellness events. I do hope you might be interested in joining me on one of these courses, be it just for one day or a weekend.' Lord Mountbatten

This fantastic and unique weekend retreat combine 5* accommodation and service, in the home of Lord Mountbatten, with cookery and health workshops.

Day Cookery Courses

Our day courses will focus on seasonal, low carb, sugar free cooking. These will run from 9am until 5pm and includes all refreshments and 2 course lunch. We will provide you with cake boxes and jars to carry your goods home.

Weekend Retreat

The weekend course is an all inclusive, 5* retreat. You can arrive from 2pm on the Friday and leave around 5-6pm on the Sunday. The orangery will transform into a 'British Bake-off' style kitchen with specialist workstations where you will learn to cook amazing low carb sugar free recipes, including desserts, confectionary and cakes. You will enjoy 5* low carb, sugar free dining created by top chef Pete Mundy. In your spare time you are free to explore the grounds of Bridwell Park or simply relax in your luxurious room.

You will be given your baked goods to go home with, as well as signed copies of The Sugar Free Family Cookbook and The Low Carb Slow Cooker Book, a LiveWell@Bridwell Apron and cake boxes to carry your food home.

Bridwell Retreats will start in January 2018

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