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About Sarah

I am a registered nutritionist specialising in nutritional medicine, with over 25 years of experience.  I have always been passionate about health and functional medicine, how the body works and how to achieve the right balance of diet, lifestyle and mental health support to achieve full restoration of health

I started my career in nutrition working for a cancer charity, soon moving into an advisor for a supplement company, writing health publications and private practice.  My writing career took off in 2000 and since then I have written 24 books, endless articles and multiple eBooks.

Sarah Flower Nutritionist Exeter, Devon, London, Cheshire, UK.  Leading nutritionist for menopause, autoimmune, gut issues and diagnostic testing.  Author of 25 books.

Although I deal with a wide range of issues in my clinic, from hormone imbalances, thyroid, food intolerance and allergies, I also specialise in gut health, women's health, insulin resistance and autoimmune conditions.  I have personal experience with all of these, which allows totally empathy and understanding with my clients. 

I am passionate about cooking healthy food and finding solutions to dietary challenges.  This knowledge transfers into my clinic, educating my clients with ideas to make any nutritional programme work for them.   I like nothing better than playing around in the kitchen developing recipes.   I also love teaching cookery to my clients as well as schools and organisations.  

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About Sarah
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I am a leading UK registered nutritionist working with private clients with a variety of health problems.  Most of my clients come to me with gut issues, anxiety/stress, weight gain, food cravings as well as low immune systems manifesting in skin conditions, recurrent infections or generally feeling fatigued.  Can you relate to this?  Do you visit your GP and feel you are not being listened to?

I cut through all the nutritional jargon and focus on a good health package for you and your personal requirements, work with you to achieve your health and wellbeing goals, support you with recipes, shopping advice and support your mental health using CBT.  You are in the driving seat and we can work at your pace.  I focus on restoring overall health, starting with the gut, supporting the immune system, stress and sleep patterns and working with you to combat food cravings, emotional eating and helping you move towards a thinner, fitter and ultimately healthier you.  

I adopt a holistic, functional medicine approach to all my clients, looking at each client's lifestyle, diet, mental health and medical history.  Clients can see me in the clinic, or for those further afield, you can have online or video call consultations.  I am also a specialist ketogenic nutritionist advising on Low carb and Ketogenic lifestyles, working with GPs and using the ketogenic diet to help improve metabolic health.  

Recipe by Sarah Flower

I have a very down-to-earth, practical approach to all nutritional programmes and this has formed the backbone of my busy clinic, offering practical solutions, tips, and lifestyle advice.   It is really important to make all new diet regimes real for every client - spending time not just on the programme, but also on the practical application, helping them gain confidence ensures the best results. 

Our mental health, gut health and our immune system are all intrinsically linked, so I offer a programme of restoration, diet changes, and lifestyle changes as well as using CBT which helps bring an understanding of the emotional and psychological needs of my clients.  

Please feel free to call me to chat about your requirements
and how I can be of help.
All my consultations come with a month's unlimited email support, so you have direct access so I can support you fully with no extra charge.  
You also get full reports, detailed dietary recommendations and lifestyle support.  I hold your hand so you can achieve changes easily.  
I give you the tools and support to transform your health and wellbeing.  
I see clients reverse long-term health issues, removing the shackles of ill-health and walking free into the rest of their lives.    
Although I work with clients with a wide range of conditions, my specialism is in insulin resistance, metabolic health, and gut health (including food intolerances and allergies). I see many clients with weight issues, diabetes, PCOS, poor gut health including IBS, UC, Gerd, and more, as well as more complex autoimmune and related inflammatory conditions.

I am passionate about making dietary changes work for all clients. As the author of 24 books, mostly cookery and health, I can create recipes to suit most diets and tastes, and all are very family orientated. I am also a leading ketogenic nutritionist and best-selling author specialising and advising on the low carb, ketogenic and sugar-free way of life, I work with GPs to help reverse metabolic health issues.  
I also offer a wide range of diagnostic tests and health screening, genotype testing and microbiome tests as well as a range of allergy and food intolerance testing. Testing is a great way of problem-solving more complex issues with faster outcomes, however, for those who have limited funds,  they are not always essential so don't feel these are going to be pushed on you.

Tests include:
  • Gut Health - from the Microbiome, Parasites, SIBO, H Pylori or Calprotectin and more
  • Food Intolerance and Allergy Testing - including Candida, Lactose intolerance and Coeliac.
  • Hormones including Fertility, Menopause, PCOS, Testosterone & Antioxidant Profiles
  • Genotype Testing (DNA)
  • Homocysteine (Heart Health) and Diabetes (HbA1c)
  • Thyroid & Adrenals, including Cortisol.
  • Autoimmune, Viral & Infections, including Lymes, EBV
  • Environmental Pollutants, Organic Acids, Heavy Metals
  • Liver & Kidney
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