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Raspberry Trifle #LowCarb #sugarfree #keto #lchf

This is another family favourite and probably gets made at least once a month. I place the trifle in individual plastic pots with lids and pop in the fridge, adding the cream when we are ready to eat them, but you can make a large bowlful if you prefer. This is a very simple recipe! I have listed the process separately to make things nice and easy.

Serves 6

Nutritional information Per Serving

385 Kcals

34.1g fat

10.9g net carbohydrates (of which sugars 6.6g and fibre 2.4g)

7.1g Protein

Raspberry Jelly

Don’t be afraid to make jelly, it is really simple and makes a delicious dessert in its own right. It also has the added benefit of having gelatine, which is great for your bones, nails and hair. I use Great Lakes Gelatine Powder.

200g frozen raspberries

150ml water

1 heaped tbsp. gelatine powder

1 tbsp. erythritol or xylitol (or stevia to taste) – Optional.

  • Place the frozen raspberries in a saucepan and add the water

  • Heat gently, pressing the raspberries occasionally so you have some a little broken down. Add a little sweetener if you feel you need this, personally I don’t think it needs anything.

  • Add the gelatine powder (I don’t bother to mix with water first) and stir well to ensure the powder has dissolved into the raspberry liquid.

  • Once dissolved, remove from heat and pour into your bowl or individual dishes.

  • Pop into the fridge to set, this should take 2-3 hours.


Homemade vanilla custard is absolutely heavenly and works brilliantly with this way of eating.

30g xylitol or erythritol (or stevia to taste)

30g arrowroot powder

4 egg yolks

568ml/1 pint of whole milk (or can use half milk and half double cream)

1 tsp vanilla essence

300ml thick cream (for topping)

  • Once the jelly is set, you can start making the custard.

  • In a bowl, whisk the egg yolks, sweetener and arrowroot together until it starts to go pale and fluffy

  • Meanwhile, heat up the milk until it starts to simmer.

  • Remove from heat and mix quickly with the egg mixture, adding a little at a time and whisking continually.

  • Once combined, pour back into the saucepan and place on a low heat.

  • Continue to whisk until it starts to thicken. It needs to be quite thick but be careful it does not burn.

  • Remove from heat and allow to cool for 10 minutes before pouring onto your jelly.

  • Place in the refrigerator to set.

  • When ready to serve, top with extra thick or whipped double cream.

  • Finish with a few fresh raspberries to decorate.

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