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New Pasta Sauces From Dolmio

I prefer to make my own pasta sauces from scratch as I cut my carbs to only 20-30g per day. However I know many readers are really keen to find more sugar free products in store so this may be of interest.

Shop-bought pasta sauces can contain up to 13 tsp of sugar per jar so it is good to see manufacturers are starting to take notice of our desire to cut the sugar!

Here is some of the blurb I was sent.

These sauces contain a naturally-sweetened blend of sun-ripened tomatoes, herbs and spices… developed without the need for added sugar

• 1 of your 5 fruit or vegetables a day

• No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives

• Complies with 2017 Responsibility deal levels on salt / sodium

• Contains no artificial sweeteners, stevia or sugar substitutes

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