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Allergies can be almost difficult to pinpoint, and impossible to deal with unless you know what is causing the issue.


This test is testing for the IgE antibody, the allergic reaction which can cause immediate or life-threatening responses within the body. Symptoms of an allergy are often an immediate response such as swelling, mouth ulcers, rash, sickness, laboured breathing, congestion and in more serious reactions, shock. This test will test for the top 10 UK Food Allergens, these are:


Egg White

Cow’s Milk










Also, the test will test for 15 Environmental allergens (including mixes) such as:

Common Ragweed


Timothy Grass

Grass Mix


Silver Birch

Ficus/ Latex Mix

Cat Dander

Dog Dander

House Dust Mites


This test involves taking a blood sample taken from the finger.


Please note:

* This test is only available for children 4 years old and over.

* Not suitable for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffering from any blood borne infection (e.g hepatitis or HIV)

* Steroids or immunosuppressants may affect the results


Please feel free to call me if you have any queries.


Results take 10 working days from arrival at the lab.


The stand-alone test will be sent to your home address via signed special delivery.

Food & Environmental Allergy Home Test

£229.00 Regular Price
£175.00Sale Price
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