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Dietary advice, family recipes and meal plans to help you combat and even reverse a silent, debilitating and deadly epidemic: type 2 diabetes.


Qualified nutritionist and esteemed author Sarah Flower offers a key message for those who either have or are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes: avoid processed grains, sugars and other foods, and opt instead for a balanced diet containing proper ingredients that are rich in natural fats and good-quality protein. 


Sarah put her own clients suffering from type 2 diabetes onto this sugar-free, low-carb and high-fat regime with amazing results. They experienced weight loss, increased energy levels and - most importantly - they saw their blood sugar levels decrease to a normal range so that they were able to come off medication. 


This book: 
-Explains how to make the essential dietary changes to fight type 2 diabetes and the science behind them 

-Provides a comprehensive 'go-to' list of good and bad foods 

-Gives practical, easy-to-follow and utterly delicious family recipes which prove that changing your lifestyle and eating habits doesn't have to mean missing out on foods you love - from 'Easy low-carb pancakes' to 'Grain-free chicken Kiev' 


Eating to Beat Type 2 Diabetes has been supported by Dr David Unwin and Dr Ian Lake. In 2016 Dr Unwin was both 'NHS Innovator of the year' and a finalist for 'Diabetes Team of the Year' in the British Medical Journal National Awards. Dr Ian Lake is medical advisor to and founder member of The Public Health Collaboration, a charity dedicated to informing and implementing health decisions for better public health.

Eating To Beat Type 2 Diabetes

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