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This is food intolerance testing of 200 common foods, done at home, using a simple finger prick tests.


You can also book this including a full consultation where I look at all your health concerns including gut health and repair the gut accordingly.


Food intolerance can cause a wide range of disruptive symptoms such as digestive problems, eczema, migraines and headaches, fatigue, depression and low mood, joint pains and sinusitis.


It is always recommended that any concerns are discussed with a doctor first, before taking a food intolerance test. This is to fully investigate the potential causes which may include investigations for coeliac disease and/or lactose intolerance and provide the medical follow up required. It is a fact of life, however, that in many cases there is no medical explanation for symptoms such as these. For example, medically unexplained symptoms or ‘functional symptoms’ where doctors can’t find a problem with the body that might be the cause, account for up to a fifth of all GP consultations in the UK¹. These include symptoms such as tiredness, chronic fatigue (ME), depression, anxiety, IBS, fibromyalgia, headaches and migraines, skin rashes and joint pains, runny nose and sinusitis. Many people with these problems will be given the all-clear by their doctor and strongly suspect that food is the root cause of their problems.


Working with me, a registered, very experienced nutritional therapist, we can get the results from a food intolerance test to identify food triggers.


This price is for the food intolerance testing only and does not include a nutritional consultation.


You will receive your food intolerance report with recommendations within 14 days of the test. For more information or to see a list of the foods tested, please email or call me and I will be happy to help.


The Food Intolerance Test is sent via Signed Special Delivery


200 Food Intolerance Test - Home Kit

£220.00 Regular Price
£175.00Sale Price
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