Here is a sample of articles published online, I also write for a number of publications including Top Sante, Healthista, Express, Daily Mail.


Hello Magazine - 5 ways to improve your health


Lady Magazine - Supplements for Heart Health


Healthista - 3-healthy-recipes-good-for-heart-health-that-you-can-enjoy-as-a-three-course-feast-or-separate-meals/


Daily Express - How to improve heart health in our 40's, 50's and 60's


The Daily Mail - So-who REALLY-eats-sugar-fitness-fanatic-stay-home-mother-head-head-unexpected-results


Healthista - 13 Nutrients for a healthy heart


21st Century Epidemic - Sugar


Daily Mail - Why healthy foods like granola smoothies destroying diet


Daily Mail - Foods fuller for longer


Daily Mail - 10 ways sugar is bad


Daily Mail - Time to stop popping pills


Daily Mail - Supposed Unhealthy foods that are good for you


Daily Mail - Halogen Ovens


The Independent - Halogen Ovens


Nutrition 2015 Tips: Expert Explains How To Start The Year Eating Healthy

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