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Sarah Flower Nutritionist & Author

Gut Microbiome

Gut Health with Sarah Flower Nutritionist & Author

Our gut health is vital to our overall health as well as our immune system.  I see a lot of clients in my clinic with gut issues, most believe they need a food intolerance test or allergy test yet the basic treatment to start is always repairing and restoring the health of the gut.  This is vital not just as a means of digesting our food, but our gut also plays a vital role in immunity as well as aiding hormone balancing, cholesterol and more.  


Our western diet, agrochemicals, medication, high sugar diets, and processed food, all play havoc with our gut health, including a healthy microbiome.  Stress is also a massive trigger for poor gut health.  


I focus a lot of my time on restoring all clients' gut health using supplements, diet and lifestyle changes.


I offer a wide range of gut health tests, giving you a fascinating insight into your gut health as well as your risk for common diseases.   The range of tests includes a full stool profile, including the microbiome, health markers, parasites and more.  I also offer tests for SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), Candida, Lactose Intolerance, Coeliac, H-Pylori and many more. There are also tests available to buy from my shop.  


Contact me for more information. 

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