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Our gut health is vital to our overall health as well as our immune system.  I see a lot of clients in my clinic with gut issues, most believe they need a food intolerance test or allergy test yet the basic treatment to start is always repairing and restoring the health of the gut.  This is vital not just as a means of digesting our food, but our gut also plays a vital role in immunity.  


Our western diet, agrochemicals, medication, high sugar diets, processed food, all play havoc with our gut health, including a healthy microbiome.  Stress is also a massive trigger for poor gut health.  


I focus a lot of my time on restoring all clients gut health using supplements, diet and lifestyle changes.


I also offer a wide range of gut health tests, giving you a fascinating insight into your gut health as well as your risk for common diseases.   The range of tests includes a full stool profile, including the microbiome, health markers, parasites and more.  I also offer tests for SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), Candida, Lactose Intolerance, Coeliac, H-Pylori and many more.   Contact me for more information.