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Dutch Plus is an advanced hormone test. It was developed to improve on the available hormone testing options. DUTCH offers the most extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones along with their metabolites. Additionally, the daily (diurnal) pattern of free cortisol is included along with melatonin as well as the Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR). This unique combination of clinical information is not available by any other method.



• Depression

• Fatigue

• Low libido

• Menopause

• Mood swings

• Premenstrual symptoms (PMS)

• Weight gain



• Depression

• Fatigue • Hair loss

• Increased prostate cancer risk

• Lower sex drive

• Sleeping troubles

• Weight gain


Price includes the test kit and DHL return/collection from home.


Please note - I offer this test with a consultation (go to My Services for more information) for a package price. I strongly recommend a consultation to discuss the test results and protocol to follow

Dutch Plus Hormone & Adrenal Test with CAR with DHL Return

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