'My daughter and I really enjoyed your parent/child class.  We have both learnt to experiment more and try new things.  We now look forward to preparing our meals. Thank you so much'

 I absolutely love teaching children all about food, cookery and healthy eating.  I have designed a series of courses to suit various age groups and criteria.


Children love to cook and play with food.  The more they cook, the more they taste - so we get less fussy eaters and more budding Jamie Oliver's!

Parent/Child Classes

A new concept that has worked well, particularly for parents who are struggling to provide a healthy diet.


I offer a 5-8 week course, which takes 2-3 hours per week.  The first half of the course is with the parent discussing dietary issues, how to cook on a budget and general healthy eating tips.


The children join us for more healthy eating education before we get messy with the cookery part of the session.


Parents are given information leaflets and recipes at the end of each session.  The children are given a piece of homework to complete before the next session.


Cookery for all ages

I offer healthy eating and cookery classes for all age groups ranging from reception, KS1, KS2 and teenagers.  


I work closely with teachers to develop a programme that is in line with the national curriculum.  Most classes last 2 hours - 5-8 week courses and can combine food education, safety in the kitchen and cookery.  I can combine these courses with my existing work as a nutritionist in Exeter, Devon, working with families to support health, allergy testing, food intolerances and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Family Health

We lead busy lifes and often feel we don't have the time or energy to create a healthy meal.  I offer workshops and cookery demonstrations on how to create healthy, family meals without fuss and on a budget.

Ambassador for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I am very proud to be an Ambassador for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, helping to spread the healthy food message across the globe.  It is so important to educate our children on healthy eating.  We are living in a society where it is possible to be obese and malnourished.  We need to do all we can to promote healthy eating, cookery and food education.



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