Cytoplan Thyroid Support has been developed for those with underactive thyroid gland. 

  • Thyroid Support contains L-tyrosine, an amino acid that the thyroid gland uses to make its hormones
  • Seagreens ® Ascophyllum nodosum is the organic kelp (a type of seaweed) species that we use in our product. It provides a natural source of iodine – iodine is needed for thyroid hormone production and is one of the micronutrients known to be short in many people’s diets. 
  • Seagreens ® is a rich source of a range of minerals, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, essential fats and antioxidants. Studies demonstrate Seagreens®’s nutritional value to be higher than seaweeds of the same species from the same location.
  • Research shows that the iodine from Seagreens® is an ideal form which has a more prolonged and steady uptake than potassium iodide (the common form of iodine in table salt), with no adverse effect on the thyroid.
  • Seagreens® carries Nutritious Food Seaweed BDA certification – it assures consumers of consistent nutritional value, levels of iodine, and is rooted in the principles of sustainable food and biodynamic production.
  • Selenium is included as this trace mineral helps with conversion of the thyroid hormone T4 to T3, the latter is metabolically active. 
  • Iodine contributes to: 
  • Normal production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function 
  • Normal cognitive function 
  • Normal energy-yielding metabolism 
  • Normal functioning of the nervous system 
  • Maintenance of normal skin 
  • Normal growth of children 
  • Selenium contributes to: 
  • Normal thyroid function
  • Normal spermatogenesis
  • The maintenance of normal hair and nails
  • The normal function of the immune system
  • The protection of cells from oxidative stress



Thyroid Support with L-Tyrosine & organic Kelp (New)

1 Capsule will provide on average:

Active Nutrient Strength %NRV*
L-Tyrosine  400.0mg *
Organic Kelp (Seagreens ® Ascophyllum nodosum) 215.0mg *
(providing Iodine) 150.0ug 100
Manganese 2.67mg 133
Selenium (from yeast) 56.75ug 103

+NRV = Nutritional Reference Value
* Indicates no NRV


L-Tyrosine, organic kelp (Seagreens ® Ascophyllum nodosum)providing iodine, manganese, selenium (from yeast), vegetable cellulose.

Suggested Intake:

One or two capsules daily as a food supplement or as directed by a practitioner

Suitable for:

Vegans & Vegetarians


Not to be used in pregnancy. People already taking prescribed thyroid medication should consult with their doctor before using this supplement.

Non-Active Ingredients:

Vegetable cellulose

Non GM & Free From:

GMO, gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, added sugar, flavourings & colourings.


Keep cool, dry & out of direct sunlight.

Keep all supplements out of sight and reach of young children. Do not exceed stated recommended intake. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Adverse reactions to supplements are rare, but If you experience an adverse reaction stop taking the product and contact your practitioner or one of our nutritional therapists. Sometimes a supplement will suit one person but not another.

Cytoplan Thyroid Support with L'Tyrosine and Organic Kelp 60 Capsules

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