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The Sugar-Free Family Cookbook is a great resource for those wanting to reduce or eliminate sugar from their diet. (Peter Simons

Book Description

Going sugar free can be a daunting experience, but Sarah Flower, known for her practical, family-orientated approach to cooking, helps guide you through the whole process.

From the Back Cover


Many of us are now aware of the dangers of sugar in our diet - but it can be difficult to know the best way to go about removing it. The Sugar-Free Family Cookbook is for everybody interested in a sugar-free lifestyle, whether it be for health or weight reasons, or for families wanting to reduce their sugar intake. With practical advice about what foods to avoid, healthy eating tips and mouth-watering recipes for all the family, sugar-free has never been so easy. 

Sarah Flower provides recipes to overcome everyday hurdles - from afterschool snacks right through to what to prepare at Christmas, birthday parties or for packed lunches. With chapters such as 'The Tuck Shop', 'The Pantry' and 'The Bakery', this book is all you need for your sugar-free journey. 

And, as your palate changes, you will be less and less reliant on those sweet treats.

Praise for Sarah Flower

'a bright-smiling dietary soldier in the battle for better health'
Jonno Proudfoot, co-author of The Real Meal Revolution


About the Author

Sarah Flower is trained in nutrition and nutritional medicine and author of 15 books, including the bestselling The Everyday Halogen Oven Cookbook. Sarah and her young son have lived on a sugar free diet for the last 12 months. As a nutritionist and journalist, Sarah has written many articles on diets, including sugar free, grain free, low carb and high protein. She runs workshops at local schools, talking to parents and teaching children how to cook and eat a healthy diet.


The Sugar Free Family Cookbook

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