The Gold Food Intolerance test covers 200+ food and drink. 


When you purchase this package, you will be sent forms to complete including a 3-day food diary.  Your test kit will be sent in the post.  


The test kit will be sent to you to perform a very simple finger prick blood sample.  This will then be sent for analysis.


When I receive the completed forms and the test results, I will complete a nutritional report and email this to you.   The cost also includes a 15-minute telephone call if requested.  


Please contact me if you require more information.


  • Please also note that if you have already been successfully excluding certain foods from your diet due to a previously suspected intolerance then that intolerance may not show up on the results.  You need to be consuming the food and drink in order for an intolerance to show.  

  • Please note that this is a food intolerance test and not an allergy test. These test results are complementary to and not a substitute for the best medical help.
  • The test will not identify all the different types of food sensitivity (such as lactose intolerance), and it is not diagnostic of coeliac disease.

Gold Food Intolerance Test and Online Consultation

£310.00 Regular Price
£250.00Sale Price
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