Cyto-Night is a formula designed for those experiencing sleep disturbances. It contains the key ingredients glycine, Montmorency cherry, magnesium and hops

  • Cyto-Night contains Montmorency cherry which is a natural source of melatonin (the sleep hormone)
  • Glycine is an amino acid that has been recognised in trials to support sleep quality if taken shortly before bed
  • Magnesium is a co-factor in the pathway for melatonin synthesis. It also contributes to the normal function of the nervous system
  • Hops are also included in this supplement as they have been traditionally used to aid relaxation



Cyto-NightCyto-Night (one level 3 ml teaspoon) provides on average:

Active Nutrient Strength %NRV*
Glycine 1500mg  
Montmorency Cherry Powder (with naturally occurring melatonin) 600mg (0.5mg)  
Magnesium Citrate 33.2mg (9% NRV)  
Hops P.E 4:1 225mg  

+NRV = Nutritional Reference Value
* Indicates no NRV


Glycine, Montmorency cherry powder, hops P.E., magnesium citrate

Suggested Intake:

one level 3 ml teaspoonful with a small glass of water or juice, ideally taken 2 hours after food and 1 hour before retiring. Do not take with food as that will lessen the effect. Take as a food supplement or as directed by a practitioner. Do not exceed the recommended intake. This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Suitable for:

Vegetarians, vegans and people with Candida and yeast sensitivities


Ask your Doctor before taking this supplement if you are on any other medication to aid sleep.  Alcohol and sugary foods will reduce the effectiveness of this product.

Non-Active Ingredients:


Non GM & Free From:

GMO, gluten, wheat, yeast, starch,dairy products, added sugars, colours, flavours and preservatives


Keep in a cool, dry place.

Cytoplan Cyto-Night 80g powder

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