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My New Book is Out!!! - Eating to Beat Type 2 Diabetes

I am really excited to finally see my new book on the shelves. Eating to Beat Type 2 Diabetes was written from the heart. I am lucky enough to have had contributions from two amazing doctors - Dr David Unwin, who needs no introduction in the low carb world for his awesome work in helping to bring about change in the way we treat T2 diabetes. Dr Ian Lake, another inspiring GP, who also has Type 1 Diabetes has written an entire chapter on his views on Type 1 with low carb.

The book contains over 150 recipes, all of which I use at home reguarly. My passion is to make low carb as easy and doable as possible. We all have our family favourite recipes, favourite cakes and bsicuits, but going low carb can mean we kiss goodbye to these things. My passion is transforming these family favourites and giving them a low carb make-over. Some of the recipes appear on this blog and I will be adding more as I go.

Please let me know your views on my new book. You can comment below or contact me on my website or my facebook page Everydaysugarfree.

You can purchase my book from all good book stores worldwise, as well as Amazon and other online retailers. Contact me if you are having problems sourcing the book. If you would like a signed copy, please purchase from my website shop.

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