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Tel: 07545 287 816

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I am a registered nutritionist in Exeter Devon, specialising in nutritional medicine as well as Weight Management, Health Screening, Type 2 Diabetes, Food Intolerance and Allergy Testing, Gut Health, Genotype Testing and Hormone Balancing.  


I offer private as well as group consultations, talks and workshops and seminars throughout the South West and the UK.  I can offer nutritional advice on a range of health issues as well as weight management. I work with clients with many conditions, especially weight, type 2 diabetes and all conditions stemming from insulin resistance including PCOS, hormone imbalances and thyroid.

I am also trained in CBT, NLP and counselling which helps bring an understanding of the emotional and psychological needs of my clients.  


I also offer the following services:

Nutritional Consultations
My initial consultation takes 60 minutes and includes a detailed case history. Prior to any consultation, I will ask you to complete a comprehensive health form and complete a comprehensive food diary. This will enable me to make a detailed analysis of your diet and health.
I offer private consultations in the South West, or for those further afield, can have email consultations.  I can also offer Skype or Facetime Consultations by request. 

Weight Loss Plans and Packages

I offer very effective personalised plans and packages to suit each client.  Visit me for a consultation or you can purchase a weight loss package.

Diabetes Plans, Packages and Testing

I offer a range of personalised plans and packages for management and reversal of Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin resistance.  

Allergy and Food Intolerance Testing

I offer allergy and food intolerance testing using blood samples (finger prick testing) to provide accurate results.  

Gut health including Microbiome Testing

Many of my clients suffer from gut health issues.  This can impact overall health as well as the immune system.  I also offer Microbiome Testing providing an insight into the health of your gut.

Genotype Testing for Optimum Health

Genotype Analysis for optimum health offers genetic testing and analysis to enable a personalised approach to health care and optimisation. 

Medical & Health Screening

I offer a wide range of medical and health screening including Liver Function Testing, Homocysteine Testing, Thyroid, Hormones, Nutritional Profiles and many more.