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Thanks for the presentation on sugar this morning, it was very insightful. We are constantly bombarded by loads of information on nutrition/food/diets and you did a great job summing all up in a very interactive and fun demonstration. - Herbalife

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Corporate healthy eating workshops, employee wellbeing, sugar-free

Corporate or Private Healthy Eating and Wellness Workshops


'Sarah Flower is known for her down-to-earth approach to nutrition, weight loss, diabetes management and healthy diets. Her workshops are fun as well as educational.'  


The healthy eating workshops can be on a range of topics from our diet, sugars, general health or specific health problems (such as diabetes or IBS).


These workshops can be designed to suit the individual group. corporate business or organisation.  Each presentation includes free information sheets and recipes for the participants to take home.


I use PowerPoint as well as practical demonstrations and open discussions.


Family Health

We lead busy lives and often feel we don't have the time or energy to create a healthy meal.  I offer workshops and cookery demonstrations on how to create healthy, family meals without fuss and on a budget.




Corporate Nutrition, Health & Wellness Workshops & Corporate Seminars,  Advice For Your Business


We have seen a 60% increase in diabetes in the last 10 years. Obesity, cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's and fatty liver disease are all increasing.  


Our diets are devoid of essential nutrients and as a result, our bodies are suffering.  Our reliance on high sugar and refined carbohydrates dramatically affect our health, concentration and performance in the workplace and employee welfare incentives such as workshops and educational seminars are proving to be very popular.  


Educating your staff on healthy eating can, in the long run, ensure good health, maximise output and result in less sick leave, saving you money.  The healthy and welfare of your employee is vital for good results in the workplace.  


I am pleased to be able to offer wellness workshops, health taster sessions and healthy eating advice.  These sessions can last from 30 minutes tasters to pop into a busy working day, PowerPoint presentations, right through to a full-day event which can also include cookery demonstrations and advice.


As a nutritionist, I can offer dietary advice on a range of conditions including weight management, diabetes management, food intolerances and allergies (and allergy testing) and more.    I am based in Exeter, Devon but I travel all over the UK.


All workshops come with a wide range of information leaflets and recipes to take away.  


I can also offer advice on healthy eating to in-house catering management, ensuring your staff have the best nutrition to ensure their health and happiness. 


Sugar-Free Workshops

I am very passionate about the promotion of healthy eating and in particular, raising awareness of the health implications of a high sugar/refined carbohydrate diet.  These workshops are incredibly popular and are suitable for schools, businesses, charities and organisations.  


The World Health Organisation recommends a maximum of 25g a day of sugar (6 tsp), yet the average Brit consumes 30-40 tsp per day - extremely detrimental health implications.


My workshop involves fun, practical demonstrations as well as PowerPoint presentations.


Recipe and Cookery Advice

I can offer cookery demonstrations and personalised recipes.  I can also offer nutritional advice on staff canteens.

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