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Business Consultation
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I work as a nutritional consultant for a number of businesses as a nutritional consultant and PR companies such as Entice PR & JV Publicity as a product expert and feature writer.  My work includes general nutritional advice, nutritional analysis, recipes, quotes, endorsements and workshops.

'Not only was the press launch/cookery workshop a great success, Sarah also wrote some fantastic features and even pitched them to National Press. We would highly recommend Sarah Flower' Entice Communications

As a nutritionist, I can write with authority on a number of health topics as well as food and drink, cookery and weight loss diets.


Working with allergy testing and food intolerance testing in my clinic allows me to advise businesses and food manufacturers on measures to ensure their allergy policies are up to date.  

I am passionate about low-sugar/sugar-free foods and can offer food companies new to this market advice, feature/PR writing and recipe development. 

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Sarah Flower nutritionist, author and journalist

Palmer Howells

I have worked for Palmer Howells for several years offering nutritional support for schools and catering projects.  As well as advising on recipes, allergies,  nutritional analysis and key ingredients, I also meet with schools, parents and catering managers to maintain Palmer Howell's high standards.   


I am very proud to work with a company that is keen to promote healthy eating and is totally receptive to new ideas. For example, I am currently working with Palmer Howells to reduce sugar consumption in all schools by 40% this year.  



I have worked with a wide range of companies such as Mornflake, Good for Health, Cardiomato, Power Health, Yokebe, Medicare, Youngs, Skinny Blend Coffee Club,  Nutrigold, Yakult, Nibble Protein Bars, Koko Dairy Free, New Era, Efamol, SolarSafe, Liv - Breast Awareness, Herbalife, Stute No Added Sugar Jam, Real Good Ketchup, Ainsley Harriott Soups, Shoptimix, Stellar Cookware, Judge Cookware, Shoptimix, Creative Nature, Baxter Storey, Palmer Howells, Aspens, Hartland House Retreat, Bridwell Park, Combe Grove, Tiana, Roseway Labs, Gut & Health, Eve Biology.

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