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My Books

I am extremely lucky and proud to have published so many health and cookery books, combining nutrition with good food, helping those who want to lose weight, combat food allergies and food intolerances or simply lead a healthier lifestyle.


As part of my clinic work in Exeter, Devon, I advise on a number of conditions, allergy testing and food intolerances, so it is important to be able to provide my clients with recipe ideas to help.  


My recipes are all family-based, traditional meals, often with a healthy twist.


My books


  • Live More, Spend Less, 

  • Eat Well, Spend Less,

  • Slow Cook, Fast Food, 

  • The Everyday Halogen Oven Cookbook

  • The Halogen Oven Everyday Cookbook (US Version) 

  • Perfect Baking with your Halogen Oven 

  • How to use your Halogen Oven (Ebook) 

  • Halogen Cooking for Two

  • The Everyday  Halogen  Family Cookbook 

  • Halogen One Pot Cooking

  • The Healthy Lifestyle Diet Cookbook

  • The Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook  

  • The Complete Halogen Oven Cookbook 

  • The Healthy Halogen Cookbook 

  • The Busy Mums Plan-ahead Cookbook

  • Sugar-Free Cookbook 

  • The Low Carb Slow Cooker Cookbook 

  • Eating to Beat Diabetes 

  • Part-Time Vegan 

  • Slow Cooker Family Classics 

  • Keto Slow Cooker

  • Slow Cook for Less

  • Comfort Slow Cooking

  • The Everyday Family Air Fryer Cookbook

As a nutritionist, I am often called to write content or provide quotations for the media.  The topics can range from nutritional content right through to weight loss tips, healthy eating plans, recipes or to support a brand or new product.  

I regularly appear in the national press, including The Daily Mail, The Times, The Telegraphy, Top Sante, Kindred Spirit, Elle, Healthista, Green Parent,

My Weekly, Bella, Best and more.  


I regularly appear on BBC Radio Devon and was a guest presenter

on Radio Oxford.


I have also worked as:

Senior Editor for Tonic Magazine

Associate Editor for Green Magazine

Associate Editor for Connect Magazine

Money-Saving Columnist for My Weekly

Natural Health Columnist for Kindred Spirit

Ethical Money Saving Columnist for Kindred Spirit 



I write for a number of companies, offering nutritional and health content as well as recipes for leaflets, websites and books.  

In the Media

Blogs, Write-ups & Recipes

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