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The 12 Week Loss Plan is designed to suit the individual.  Perfect for those who feel they need extra hand-holding, care, and attention, but also for those who want to discover the tools to reset their own bodies, balance hormones, and combat food cravings and emotional eating once and for all.  

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What does it involve?

When you book the 12-week plan, you will book the first initial consultation (1 Hour).  I will then send you forms to complete so I get to know your medical history and food preferences.  
Once we have done the first hours consultation, I will then design your program, your personalised supplements worth over £250,  and put all of this together into a wonderful VIP package.
  The package includes

Folder of your plan
£250+ of personalised supplementation
Signed book
Tape Measure
Some VIP goodies
Weekly Consultations

We will then meet every week via Zoom for the remaining weeks, discussing your diet, health, emotional eating, lifestyle and more.


Will I Get Results

Whilst I can not guarantee results, I have yet to have a client who has not lost weight and benefitted from this program.  Everyone is unique, so the diet is created for optimum weight loss for you and your lifestyle.  You obviously have to do the hard work and stick to the plan, but my job is to make that as simple as possible for you, solving any problems and helping with your diet, recipe, emotional connections to food and more.   Remember weight gain is not just about what is put in your mouth, it is about balancing your hormones, restoring your health, and working on any emotional connections to food.

Some people prefer a slow and steady response, allowing them more flexibility with their lifestyle choices.  Others want fast results and therefore the program is designed to reflect this.  

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“The whole 12 weeks has been amazing and has dramatically changed my food choices. I have lost weight and the best I have felt for years.  Best of all, the food has been amazing - certainly not like any other diet I have tried ”
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“Sarah has become a good friend, we have shared so much in the 12 weeks, I am so grateful.  I know look and feel 20 years younger, thank you so much”
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