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Welcome to my website!

I am a nutritionist, author and cookery writer.  I am working on my 16th book.  I love creating new recipes and ideas, but the theme throughout all of my books is practicality, ease of use and down to earth ingredients.  I am not a chef, but a working mum who really enjoys cooking.  One of my best-selling books is The Everyday Halogen Oven Cookbook, has given me the title of 'Halogen Queen' and yes, I do use my halogen every day!  

Check out my Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook - it has now overtaken the halogen books in the amazon charts and currently in the top 500

I have been very lucky to work and write for various publicationsand radio stations.  I was food/cooking expert for BBC Radio Oxford and appear regularly as a guest on BBC Radio Devon.  I also work as a freelance journalist and contributor for many magazines including The Times, The Daily Mail, Elle, Bella, Glamour Magazine, Slim at home, Fabulous Magazine, Best, Your, Green Parent and more.  I was money saving columnist for My Weekly, ethical money saving columnist and health columnist for Kindred Spirit.  Senior Editor for Tonic Magazine, Associate Editor for Green Magazine.

I am happy to advise and offer quotes and recipes to PR companies as well as health, lifestyle and food companies. 

I am work with Palmer Howells as a consultant nutritionist.  provide superb catering services to schools in the South West.  My role is simply to help advise where necessary on diet and nutritional routes to suit individual pupils.  This is a wonderful company who really do go the extra mile to ensure great nutrition for their schools.  

I am available for consultation as a nutritionist in the South West. If you would like a consultation or discuss a workshop or consultancy work, you can contact me by clicking on the contact tab above.  

I love working with children and encouraging health eating.  I have been involved in various teaching projects, helping to educate children and adults on healthy eating and how to cook on a budget.  I would love to expand on this more.

I am a busy working mum and like everyone, am keen to keep my costs down.  I do admit to an unhealthy interest in supermarket pricing and like to quote the latest prices for everyday food to anyone who is bored enough to listen.  I love the feeling of saving time and money when in the kitchen and happy to share these experiences with you on my blog Eat Well Spend Less -

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